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Family Support


The Family Support Services exist since 2008 and provide support to individuals/families at risk of exclusion and/or social vulnerability through the social service office, the resource bank and the psychology office.

Rosto Solidário is part of the Council’s Social Network and of the Local Council for Social Action (CLAS), whose purpose is to promote partnership work focusing on the strategic planning of local social intervention. It also integrates the Social Forum of the Parish Union of Santa Maria da Feira, Travanca, Sanfins and Espargo, an innovative instrument that seeks shared solutions with the community to local problems.

The services promoted by this area of intervention aim to contribute to reducing situations of deprivation and improving the living conditions of individuals/families towards social inclusion.

They seek to develop integrated and multisectoral interventions to correspond to the multidimensional and increasingly complex nature of the phenomena of poverty and social exclusion, work in partnership, cooperation and sharing of responsibilities with the municipality’s Social Network.

In 2015 and 2019, Rosto Solidário was awarded with the local solidário prize, in the category of Community Support, under the II and VI Mosaico Social promoted by the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, in partnership with ADRITEM – Association for Integrated Rural Development of Terras de Santa Maria.


The social service office aims to identify, direct and support situations of risk, vulnerability and/or social exclusion.

It receives individuals/families forwarded by social solidarity institutions and other entities, and also those who, on their own initiative, wish to seek support, guidance and social referral.

The appointments must be scheduled in advance, by telephone or email to the following contacts:

Phone. 256 336 001
Mobile. 929 173 288


The psychology department provides psychological counselling for children and youth.
It aims to develop skills that enable children/young people to recognise their emotions and thoughts so that they are able to manage and self-regulate their behaviour.

It receives children/young people referred by social solidarity institutions and other entities, and also those who, on the initiative of their parents/legal guardians, request psychological support.

The consultation of psychology is free of charge, so all situations deserve a first evaluation by the social service office, about the socio-economic situation of the family household.

More information and/or clarifications through the following contacts:

Phone. 256 336 001
Mobile. 929 173 288


The Resource Hubs aims to contribute to reducing situations of deprivation and improving the living conditions of vulnerable/families in situations of social vulnerability/exclusion with a view to social inclusion.

It provides food, clothing and footwear, furniture and electrical appliances (in close coordination with the municipality’s Social Network).
It supports its action in partnership with the Aveiro Food Bank and various donors, both corporate and individual.

The Resource Hubs has a team of volunteers who carry out the sorting and storage of donated products and the collection of furniture and electrical appliances.

Food, clothing and shoes in good condition can be donated at Rosto Solidário’s headquarters.

To schedule a furniture pick up, please contact the Association through the following contacts:

Phone. 256 336 001
Mobile. 929 173 288


Status: Ongoing
Started: 08 April 2019

Carpa Project

Built from the partnership between Rosto Solidário and Oficina D’Artes do Orfeão da Feira, the Carpa Project aims to support the proper social and emotional development of the younger ones, expanding their transversal skills to growing by learning.
During a week of activities, we prioritize: The expression and development of emotional literacy, communication skills and positive self-dialogue, respect for difference, problem solving and critical thinking. We add music, theatre, movement and plastic expressions, in a clear artistic mix that will lead to the experiences of getting to know oneself, showing oneself in relationship with others and opening up to the diversity of the world.

Status: Ongoing
Start: December 2016
Completion: March 2019

Technical Reinforcement of the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth of Santa Maria da Feira

Under the proposed acquisition of services of “qualification of the protective response and support to the activity of the restricted commission of CPCJ of SMF – technical support to the restricted commission under Article 20 – A, of the Protection of Children and Youth at Risk Act” by the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, Rosto Solidário assumed the technical strengthening of CPCJ with the allocation of two human resources, a social worker and a lawyer in the format of provision of services.

Status: Completed
Start: September 2016
Completion: February 2017

José Workshops

The José Workshops Project is the result of a partnership between Casa das Profissões – a project of the Portuguese Red Cross, Sanguedo delegation and Rosto Solidário.
The José Workshops are learning spaces on the restoration of furniture, recycling, reuse and sustainability.

Status: Completed
Start: June 2015
Completion: September 2015

MOBilise, reuse and sustainability

With “MOBiliza-te – reutilization and sustainability”, the aim was to restore/customize shelved furniture in the resource bank (because they were in a bad state of conservation or surplus) promoting reuse and sustainability, implicit objectives in the action of the resource bank.

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