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Voluntariado Passionista


In 2010 training for missionary volunteering began, through the creation of the Passionist Volunteer (VP) group, which sent, between 2011 and 2017, 35 volunteers on short (32) and long-term (3) Missions to Angola, where they supported education and training projects.

The Volunteer Passionist Group promotes missionary volunteering experiences in Africa and Portugal.
Its members are young people interested in going on Mission for a minimum period of one month, available to participate in training and fundraising activities, based on missionary spirituality, service to others, community life, group work and co-responsibility.

Rosto Solidário supports the group especially in the formation journey and in the link with the Missions and projects.

The group is part of the “Lay Passionist Family“, assuming a common mission with the Passionist Missionaries, between religious and lay, from the spirituality of JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation).

The motto that guides the group is: “The Passionist Volunteer is in Mission with eyes open, with a sensitive heart and with hands placed in the world.”
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State: Concluded
Beginning:  14th July 2017
Conclusion: 30th august 2017

Missão Calumbo - 2017

The aim of this mission was to organise the Calumbo “Imbondeiro do Saber” Library, promote it in the community and open it to the public.
With a great enthusiasm, the project sought, little by little, to encourage in the Calumbo community a taste for reading, knowledge of the world around us and the creation or reinforcement of research and work habits, while also promoting the training of local volunteers.

State: Concluded
Beginning: 01st august 2015
Conclusion: 02nd september 2015


Short-term mission by volunteers Bárbara Ferreira, Ana Mano and Verónica Pinho as part of the Passionist Volunteers in the Zango neighbourhood, Angola.

State: Concluded
Beginning: 17th november 2013
Conclusion: 21st july 2014

Passionist Volunteer Mission

Long term mission of the volunteers Carina Silva, Maria João Ramires and Umbelina Dantas in the Passionist Volunteer Program in Zango neighbourhood, Angola.

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