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Response and Recovery from Cyclone Idai in Mozambique

Response and Recovery: Mozambique

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Rosto Solidário, together with Passionist Congregation, launches a Solidarity Campaign to raise funds to support the emergency response in Mozambique areas affected by cyclone Idai.

Considering the emergency, this Campaign focuses on fundraising as it is the fastest way to ensure support needed at the local level.

The total amount raised will be sent to Mozambican Catholic Church having D. Luiz Fernando Lisboa – Secretary of the Episcopal Conference of Mozambique, Bishop of Pemba and Passionist Missionary as the focal point. Funds will be spent in areas and sectors according to needs assessment led by local partners.

Join us to support the response to and recovery of affected communities by donating:

BANCO Montepio

IBAN: PT50-0036.0095.9910.0047.9506-0


 If you wish to receive the receipt of your donation, send the proof of bank transfer and personal details: full name, VAT number and address to secretaria@rostosolidario.pt .

Rosto Solidário and the Passionistas at Santa Maria da Feira express their deep solidarity with all the people and communities affected by the Cyclone Idai, particularly in Mozambique.

For additional information, please get in touch: geral@rostosolidario.pt | 00351 256 336 001


4 April 2019:  1.416.024 people affected by #CicloneIdai. More than 262.120 students affected, and 3.344 classrrooms damaged.

2 April 2019:  967.014 people affected by #CicloneIdai, 150.854 of which are students.

20 March 2019: Mozambican government’s National Institute for Disaster Management (#INGC) states 92.561 people affected; 14 310 children were no longer able to go to school and 616 classrooms were damaged.

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